Construction Services

  1. Bark Mulch (see Mulch) comes in a variety of colors and composition. The two most popular types of bark are fir and hemlock.
  2. Commercial - We can handle all of your commercial property needs, construction or maintenance. Call us for a free quote.
  3. Compost is generally decomposed or partially decomposed plant matter.
  4. Design/Build - We can help you with the design of your outdoor space, and then build it for you.
  5. Drainage can be a challenge with the amount of rainfall we receive in the PNW. Call for an expert analysis and quote.
  6. Erosion Control helps to prevent soil loss using various tools and techniques.
  7. Fences - We are experienced in all fence types: chain link, wood, vinyl and wire.
  8. Irrigation systems are an important part of your landscape. Whether you need a complete install or a simple repair, we can help.
  9. Lawn Renovation is the process of restoring your lawn to a look that you will love. This can involve aerating, dethatching, fertilizing, and overseeding.
  10. Lighting - We install all types of low-voltage outdoor lighting. As us about LED lighting options.
  11. Mulch provides a protective cover for your plant beds and helps to suppress weeds, control erosion, retain moisture, and feed the soil. The most popular form of mulch in the PNW is bark mulch.
  12. Nightscaping focuses on enhancing the look and usability of your outdoor spaces with the judicious use of outdoor lighting.
  13. Pathways can be constructed from various materials including concrete, gravel, pavers, and natural stone.
  14. Patios can be constructed from various materials including concrete, gravel, pavers, and natural stone.
  15. Pavers come in may sizes, colors, and shapes. They are typically constructed from concrete.
  16. Plantings - We can source and plant shrubs and trees of your choosing.
  17. Ponds can be a wonderful focal point for your space. Call us for installation ideas.
  18. Residential - We work with homeowners, property managers, HOAs, and builders to make and maintain a beautiful property.
  19. Retaining Walls are a great way to stabilize slopes and can maximize usable area. The typical construction materials for retaining walls are concrete, wood, steel, natural stones, and segmental blocks.
  20. Seed/Sod - We can install a sod or seed lawns.
  21. Water Features - We install many different types and styles of water features.
  22. Waterfalls can be incorporated into your water feature for a nice visual and sound effect.
Design and Build Drainage
Lighting Waterfalls


When it’s more than you want to tackle, we do the heavy work, with trucks, trenchers and tractors. It begins with listening to what you need, and then showing you how it can be done. We have licenses, certifications, and experience to make it happen. Once the project begins, we’ll be with you until it’s done, using our expertise and experience to do this and more…