Maintenance Services

  1. Aeration of your lawn is typically peformed by using a machine to remove plugs or cores of soil and grass. Lawn aeration helps to mitigate soil compaction and can help to reduce thatch, promote the growth of desirable microorganisms, and make your watering and fertilizing more effective.
  2. Bark Mulch (see Mulch) comes in a variety of colors and composition. The two most popular types of bark are fir and hemlock.
  3. Cleanups are very popular in the Spring and Fall. When you have more cleanup than weekend to do it in, just call Serenity Landscapes and we will get you caught up!
  4. Commercial - We can handle all of your commercial property needs, construction or maintenance. Call us for a free quote.
  5. Dethatching is the process of removing the thatch layer in your lawn. Thatch is a layer of roots and stems between the soil and grass blades. We recommend dethatching annually in the spring or early fall.
  6. Edging is the process of trimming the edges of the turf, where it meets a driveway, pathway, planter bed, or other non-grass surface.
  7. Fertilization is a necessary and important step in maintaining healthy and quality plant life in an urban environment. Following proper fertilization techniques is important for our environment and plant life.
  8. Hauling - We can haul away your yard debris. Call us for a quote.
  9. Irrigation systems are an important part of your landscape. Whether you need a complete install or a simple repair, we can help.
  10. Lawn Care - If you're having trouble maintaining a beautiful green lawn, give us a call. We can help.
  11. Lawn Renovation is the process of restoring your lawn to a look that you will love. This can involve aerating, dethatching, fertilizing, and overseeding.
  12. Leaf Control - The Fall can be a challenging time to keep your yard looking its best. We can help you with a quick cleanup.
  13. Lime is applied to your soil to balance the pH level.
  14. Mowing - We can do a one-time mow, or provide regular maintenance. Field mowing is available as well.
  15. Mulch provides a protective cover for your plant beds and helps to suppress weeds, control erosion, retain moisture, and feed the soil. The most popular form of mulch in the PNW is bark mulch.
  16. Pruning - Call us if you need help pruning your shrubs, trees, or hedges.
  17. Residential - We work with homeowners, property managers, HOAs, and builders to make and maintain a beautiful property.
  18. Tilling - We provide rototilling service for your yard or garden.
  19. Tree/Shrub Care - Call us if you are having trouble with your trees or shrubs.
  20. Weed Control - Weeds can be a constant battle. We can help you regain control.
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Maintenance Services

So much to do, so little time to do it. That's why we offer full service maintenance.

Serenity Landscaping Maintenance Services include:

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